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What Gede is

Gede is a graphical frontend for GDB written in Qt for Linux. It uses an external (the hosts) gdb in contrast to some other frontends. See the screenshots section for some screenshots.

The goals of gede is:

 - A fast debugger.
 - As few as possible external dependencies
 - Using a external GDB instance.
 - No unnecessary features. 

About the name

Gede was initially built as gd as a shortform for graphical debugger. Since the name was a bit hard to google I changed it to gede.

The history

I originally used the Insight GDB frontend as my debugger. The problem with Insight is that is using a modified GDB making the build process of insight a total nightmare. I occasionally looked at other frontends but did not like any of the ones I found. So I set out to write my own and Gede was born.

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